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Especially in events and entertainment, it’s important to place people whose passion and profession are one and the same. You, your listeners, audience, team or guests will feel this energy from Aaron Phillips. You can trust that his character, skill set and experience will make for a smooth, less stressful creation or event for you. View some of his available services and click a link to contact him directly!

Aaron Phillips’ plans to reach a broader audience to share the knowledge he’s completely obtained on his own (void of having a radio mentor or traditional education) is in the works, however, newcomers from all over the United States have benefit from his 1:1 coaching. He’s able to listen to any samples you can provide and give you valuable feedback, exercises and goals to use going forward, and ongoing support.

Radio Hosting & Coaching

Aaron’s an asset to any radio show or station. His radio skill set goes beyond hosting. He has owned his own internet radio station, Vegas AllNet Radio, so he understands all that goes into the production and operations around him. His passion for radio feels as new to him as it is old, and has kept him studying independently since he fell under its spell 12 years ago. He’s no stranger to making event appearances, networking, and naturally bringing about sponsorships

Public Speaking

Aaron trains and motivates sales teams in all industries and he does it with a captivating sense of humor! He speaks of his days in Las Vegas timeshare, a great source of his jokes… but also an amazing source of experience, mind mastery, and sales techniques. He also speaks of perseverance. He didn’t give up on his own dream to become a great radio personality and it’s with this heart, he publicly speaks to others still holding onto their equally precious dreams. 

Professional Development

Aaron has partnered with many personal and professional development organizations to bring value to their existing audiences. His sales training and motivational background have come together to design quality, interactive workshops tailored to your company or non-profit and its mission.

He’s also hired aspiring radio talents to review show concepts, critique on-air delivery, and give practical advice for excelling in your radio career. 

Voice-over Acting

Voice-over is a world Aaron would love to break more into. His dynamic voice and energy perfectly match the industry and he’d welcome any opportunity to expand further into voice work.

Event EMCing

Need a Master of Ceremonies for your next special event? An MC’s job is to present people to the audience, keep the audience engaged, and keep time and the itinerary flowing forward.

Turning No Into YES

Corporate Sales Training, Public Speaking, and Motivation
Travels nationally to speaking engagements across the United States

Insurance, timeshare, real estate, automotive. If you find yourself in a sales position of any kind or have a team whose morale, excitement, or sales have plateaued, consider attending or hosting one of Aaron’s workshops. Replenishing your toolbox and re-awakening your long lost “I can” attitude is just what’s needed to love your job again!

  • Perfect your elevator pitch
  • Know their objections better than they do
  • Portray your authentic self
  • Portray teamwork within your company
  • Make sense to them, not you
  • Close when everyone realizes their winning
  • Celebrate

Other programs are available, but this has been by far the most popular.

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“Let my voice, speak for you.” Aaron Phillips