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"About Me"

Aaron Phillips is a successful radio personality and public speaker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His career accidentally began when he was thrown into the ring of color-commentating for the sport of boxing. He has since hosted and co-hosted many sports radio shows, as well as radio shows on various other topics. One favorite was an internet radio show named “Vegas Unwrapped”, broadcast by Aaron Phillip’s own, Las Vegas AllNet Radio (VANR). The show ran 7 years and entertained thousands of listening locals with “off the strip” community coverage. You can listen to archived episodes

The outstanding thread that’s woven through all of Aaron Phillip’s experiences and opportunities life has given him is his perseverance and courage to be self-made. He actually claims a degree in math from Penn State University, 1986, but everything he does today he owes to his own diligence, independent study, and ability to transmute his and others’ mistakes into “teachable moments”. He didn’t give up on his own dream to become a great radio personality and it’s with this heart, he publicly speaks to others still holding onto their equally precious dreams. Learn more about booking Aaron Phillips 

In another lifetime, Aaron Phillips climbed his way up in the timeshare business and his most valuable takeaways from it are his passionate drive and sales skills. He may or may not have founded the company that actually sells snow to Eskimos. He now trains and motivates sales teams in all industries and he does it with a captivating sense of humor!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Aaron started volunteering with The Kiwanis Organization back at Penn State. Kiwanis’ mission is to protect and nurture the development of children in every corner of the world through their local clubs. Today over 600,000 volunteers uphold this mission and Aaron’s upheld this mission at club and state levels in New Jersey and Nevada as an official officer of Kiwanis. The Kiwanis Organization honored Aaron with the George F. Hixson Award in 2001 for his generosity.



Twin Brothers Show

This show is the mere musings of 2 hosts who happen to look alike and share their thoughts and opinions about anything and everything except politics and religion. (Co-Host/Producer/Marketing)

Big Valley Wrestling

Warm up the crowd, introduce the participants for each match. Provide play by play of the in-ring action, reporting and promos. (Ring Announcer/Commentator)

Aaron’s Hour

Hosted weekly talk show to spotlight the movers and shakers of Las Vegas. Scheduled guest interviews, produce each weekly show, market and present to potential advertisers. (Radio Show Host/Producer)

Las Vegas Sports Mix

Co-hosted weekly sports talk show every Saturday morning on CBS Sports Las Vegas 1140AM, handled marketing and social media. (Radio Show Host/Producer)

Vegas Unwrapped

Co-host and produced Internet radio show. Created format, arranged guests for the show and production. Marketed show for advertisers on all available social media platforms. (Radio Show Co-Host & Producer)

The Sports Zoo

Co-host on sports talk radio show, made predictions on outcomes of games, interviews of guests and made public appearances. (Radio Show Co-Host)

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Some other awards Aaron has acquired include being inducted ito The Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame (awarded in June 2018), Top 100 Men of The Year (awarded in September 2016 from MYVEGAS MAGAZINE), and Distinguished Men of Nevada 2015 (awarded in January by Distinguished Publishing Company)..

“Let my voice, speak for you.” Aaron Phillips