A Lifetime of Experience

Aaron Phillips is a successful radio personality and public speaker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His career accidentally began when he was thrown into the ring of color-commentating for the sport of boxing.

Let My Voice Speak to You: Stories from a Hall of Fame Radio Personality Kindle Edition


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"Let My Voice Speak For You”


Aaron Phillips found his passion for radio around 12 years ago when he landed a color-commentator position in the sport of boxing. His versatility goes beyond sports, though. He’s also available for news, shows on other topics, and voice-over acting.

Public Speaking

Aaron trains and motivates sales teams in all industries and he does it with a captivating sense of humor! He speaks of his days in Las Vegas timeshare, a great source of his jokes… but also an amazing source of experience, mind mastery, and sales techniques.

Professional development

Aaron has partnered with many personal and professional development organizations to bring value to their existing audiences. His sales training and motivational background have come together to design quality, interactive workshops

"What others are saying"

“I have had the pleasure of having Aaron Phillips speak at many of my Business Connections Networking meetings. His knowledge and skills n training people
“Aaron has communication skills that put people at ease while he motivates, instructs and leads by example. He is a true leader in every sense of the word.”

“Let my voice, speak for you.” Aaron Phillips